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LEVELr: For Highly Refined Wall Cladding Designs

LEVELr is a sophisticated wall cladding system that pairs a frameless panel aesthetic with extensive material options. Smartly detailed at every turn, LEVELr makes it easy to create a high-end design statement without resorting to custom solutions.

LEVELr panels accommodate many different F+S Surfaces, including VividGlass, without a visible framing element. Narrow reveals between panels keep the installed look clean.


For added refinement, optional 1/8” proud stainless steel fins can be incorporated between panels—a detail unique to LEVELr that lends an exquisite, contemporary finish. Bases and inside and outside corners expand the customization potential.


With LEVELr, because the system integrates with F+S Surfaces, you can easily carry a frameless aesthetic across a wide range of materials and material combinations, not just a finite few.


Options include VividGlass, Stainless Steel, Elemental Metal, Fused Metal, Bonded Metal, Bonded Quartz and Wood Veneer. Each is highly configurable and can be tailored to project-specific criteria.


The system, too, is highly configurable, and can be customized in many ways to meet diverse aesthetic and performance requirements. Panel shapes and size can vary; optional trim elements can be specified; and various site conditions can be accommodated, for example, door and window openings, dropped ceilings, and miscellaneous wall protuberances such as fire alarms, thermostats, exit lighting, and signage.


In addition, LEVELr makes it easy to incorporate electronics. The system’s 2” depth creates plenum space between the wall and panel backs that provides room to manage wiring and cables and affords airflow that helps dissipate electronics-generated heat. The plenum space also allows displays and electronic components to be recessed without furring into the wall.


LEVELr is designed for efficient installation and easy long-term maintenance—aspects that can save time, costs and frustration at every level, whether a wall cladding design is simple, complex or somewhere in between.


As a non-progressive system, panels can be applied to and removed from the wall in any sequence without affecting adjacent panels or the support framework—a benefit during installation as well in instances where panels might need to be removed or replaced.


The system also features a unique “pause moment” when the panels can be freely suspended from the support structure—especially beneficial when working with large panels and/or a small team. During installation, panels can be adjusted before locking into place. When uninstalling, they can be disengaged and left in the disengaged position for as long as needed, allowing installers a “pause moment” before completely removing the panel.


Finally, for design continuity throughout a space, the LEVELr Wall Cladding System coordinates with our LEVELr Column System. And, many of the same high-performance F+S materials available for LEVELr are also available for F+S doors, elevator interiors, sheet goods and more.


LEVELr is a comprehensive system that gives you many ways to bring a diverse mix of materials into a frameless panel format, customize your projects, and specify F+S Surfaces into wall cladding applications without needing to resolve trim and installation details or go to the expense of custom solutions.


To learn more, visit the LEVELr product page on our website.