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Stainless Steel Elevator Doors

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Elevator Door Skins make it easy to carry a cohesive design theme across a project.

  • Includes door skins for elevator car doors and hoistway doors
  • Available for numerous standard overall clear opening sizes
  • Custom sizes also available
  • Base stainless steel sheet thickness is .032" (8mm)
  • Maximum overall thickness is .125" depending on pattern selected
  • Finishes include High-Durability and standard options
  • Patterns draw from our Eco-Etch and Impression palettes
  • Matching finishes and patterns for elevator interiors, wall systems, columns, and sheet goods
  • Stainless Steel Elevator Door Skins are NFPA and IBC class A fire rated and UBC class 1 fire rated


Stainless Steel Elevator Doors Projects

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