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Gradiance Glass: Vibrant Spontaneity at an Architectural Scale

Our new ViviGraphix Gradiance glass patterns are breathtaking compositions that incorporate colors and gradients in extremely original ways. While the colors serve as a starting point, the new patterns are anything but traditional two-color solutions. 
Designed at an architectural scale, the new patterns build on the success of our existing Gradiance line and expand the family with more color and pattern variations and more ways to address privacy considerations. The use of gradients and fades—and the ultra-smooth transitions achieved in Gradiance glass—draw inspiration from the world around us, evoking sunsets, landscapes, horizons and other natural phenomena.
Five new patterns—Article, Ascension, Horizon, Quadrant and Waterfall—join our existing four—Dot Mini Fade, Scatter, Vapor and Custom Vapor—for a total of nine standard options. Each has its own distinct personality and can be produced using any Pantone, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color.
ViviGraphix Gradiance patterns are grouped into two categories: Dual Interlayer and Single Interlayer. Each offers different customization potential and handles layers of light, color, and gradients in a different way. 
Dual Interlayer patterns—our new designs—incorporate two interlayers and allow you to customize your design with the colors of your choice—one per interlayer. However, more than just the colors you’ve selected, the true custom magic happens as the colors play out across the graphic elements in both interlayers. 
Each interlayer’s graphics have their own inherent blends and fades. In some, color fields taper from subtle to bold. In others, painterly shapes transition from opaque to clear. Still others are reminiscent of brushstrokes that begin with a heavy sweep and end in feathery finish.  
When interlayer colors, graphics, and gradations overlap, the result is serendipitous interaction points—happy accidents—that create spontaneous plays of light, color, transparency, and artful effects that result in designs unlike any other. Depending on colors selected, the overall effect can range from quietly neutral to subtly sophisticated to vibrantly glowing. 
In addition, because Dual Interlayer patterns are designed at an architectural scale, they can flow across multiple glass panels and span large surface areas without a noticeable repeat. 
Single Interlayer patterns—our original Gradiance designs—incorporate a single color on a single interlayer. These small-scale, overall patterns allow you to customize your design with the color of your choice and by controlling the pattern fade. Single Interlayer patterns blend smoothly from one glass panel to the next when panels are positioned side-by-side
Regardless of interlayer structure, ViviGraphix Gradiance glass is available in View and Reflect configurations. 
View is a double-sided configuration comprised of one or more interlayers between two transparent lites of glass. It’s typically used when the glass will be seen from both sides and is ideal for room dividers, partitions, doors, and other applications where semi-privacy and the light transmission benefits of glass are desired.
Reflect is a single-sided configuration comprised of one or more interlayers between a transparent lite of glass and a reflective glass backer. It’s typically used when the glass will be installed against another surface and seen from one side—for example, in our Wall Cladding, Column, and Elevator Interior Systems.
ViviGraphix Gradiance glass offers exceptional design possibilities. Because every project is unique, we’ll work with you to help you finalize the details, meet your application-specific goals, and realize your most imaginative creative vision.
To learn more about bringing the artistic beauty of ViviGradiance Gradiance glass to your projects, visit the ViviGraphix Gradiance glass product page.

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