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Going Up! Introducing LEVELr Elevator Interiors

LEVELr is a highly customizable system that makes it easy to bring exciting new levels of refinement to your elevator interior designs without resorting to custom solutions.

LEVELr Elevator Interiors bring sophisticated design possibilities to a configurable panelized system that offers a frameless panel aesthetic, diverse material options, and a variety of trim, reveal, and LED details that heighten the fit and finish of the end design.

LEVELr’s versatility begins with a choice of configurations, all broadly defined by wall panel shape and layout and all with additional variations. From there, extensive material options increase the possibilities.
Individual LEVELr panels consist of a decorative face material bonded to a fire-rated substrate. Face materials draw from our extensive Surfaces library and include VividGlass, Stainless Steel, Fused Metal, Elemental Metal, Bonded Metal, Bonded Quartz, and Wood Veneer.
Beyond LEVELr’s panels, the customization potential continues: you can also get creative with the narrow spaces between panels with Panel Reveals in three styles.
Recessed Reveals in Black sit just below the panel face and allow for an installed visual of nearly uninterrupted surface continuity from panel to panel and around the cab interior. 
Reveal Fins are an elegant way to "frame" panels but aren't technically panel frames; they attach to the subsystem and are separate from the panels. Reveal Fins are flush with the panel face and available in Matte Black, Bead-blasted Stainless Steel, and Antique Bronze. 
LED Lit Reveals bring an illuminated dimension to the walls and can be used as a subtle accent or to bold effect. 
LED Lit Reveals and are available in 3200K or 5000K to coordinate with other LED elements within the elevator interior.
Bases in three styles further expand the options and utilize Architectural Metal face materials to coordinate with other materials used in the cab. 
Flush Bases sit flush with the wall panels; Cove Bases are inset slightly from the panels.
LED Cove Bases offer another way to introduce LED illumination into the cab interior.
For more customization opportunities, F+S Handrails and Crash Rails come into play. 
F+S Handrails, including a sleek Fin-mounted Handrail that’s exclusive to LEVELr, are optional and can be specified for elevator interior back walls and/or side walls. They can incorporate a handrail panel—or not—depending on LEVELr configuration. 
F+S Crash Rails offer a beautiful level of protection for panel surfaces. They, too, can be specified for back walls and/or side walls. 
Finally, for design continuity throughout a space, LEVELr Elevator Interiors coordinate with our equally configurable LEVELr Wall Cladding and Column Systems.
For new or modernization projects of any scope or size, LEVELr’s potential is truly exciting. To learn more about using the system to elevate your elevator interior designs, start by visiting the LEVELr Elevator Interiors page.

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