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Design Tool Updates: See What's New

Our latest round of design tool updates brings an enhanced user experience to the VEKTR Digital Canvas, the Zoom Digital Darkroom and the Elevator Design Studio.

VEKTR: Ready, Set, Share

With the VEKTR Digital Canvas, you can create highly customized architectural glass designs of any scale using any image.

Share Option. VEKTR’s new share capability makes it easier than ever to gather feedback, collaborate, and streamline the approval process. Registered users can share their designs privately via email or publicly on social media. You’ll find the share button in the VDC workspace under the “Edit & View Options.” Share your creations with us using the hashtag #formsandsurfaces.

3D Renderings. We’ve also added 3D Preview Sample renderings to VEKTR’s Inspiration Board. The realistic output simulates the graphic interlayers, opacity settings, glass configuration, and finish options of each VEKTR Canvas design. View them by clicking the 360° icon under “More Images.”

Discover the VEKTR Digital Canvas today.

A New Look for Zoom

The Zoom Digital Darkroom and Zoom Images gives you endless ways to bring stunning high-resolution photography of the world around us to large-scale glass applications.

Responsive Navigation. A new priority menu eases navigation when working within Zoom. This lets you quickly discover in-depth resources that include our Zoom Image Library, Portfolio, News, Learn Center, and other helpful information.

Scrolling Site. Zoom’s new scrollable, multi-fold homepage gives you access to the F+S Systems designed to incorporate ViviSpectra Zoom glass and links to our full suite of design tools.

Eye-catching Images. The Zoom Fall 2016 Collection brings a new material type to the Zoom image library, with images derived from everyday items that are unexpectedly beautiful when viewed up close.

And be sure to check out our Zoom Portfolio – we’ve added several inspirational images that showcase the potential uses of the collection.

Zoom in to take a look around.

Lighten up With the Elevator Design Studio

Our Elevator Design Studio lets you choose an elevator interior configuration, apply materials and finishes from our extensive Surfaces library, view your progress in realistic renderings, and request budget pricing—all with a few simple clicks.

LightPlane Panels. New to the EDS, you can illuminate your designs with one or multiple edge-lit LED panels integrated with VividGlass: simply click on the panel letter(s) to select LightPlane, and view the light output in the progress rendering.

Head to the Elevator Design Studio to give this feature a try.

We’ll be rolling out more updates as we continue to expand and improve upon our interactive design tools – Stay tuned!