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ViviTela Loom: Traditional Weaves Reimagined in Glass

ViviTela Loom brings the visual softness and dimensional beauty of handwoven textiles to glass, with patterns in a simple, statement-making palette of Black or White.


Inspired by traditional open-weave cloth, Loom translates the warp and weft rhythms of handloomed fabrics into dynamic, high-relief patterns enhanced by the light-catching properties of glass.


ViviTela Loom patterns, like the rest of the ViviTela line, offer superior end results. Sophisticated F+S production processes ensure precise, consistent patterns across individual glass lites and from one lite to the next, without the imperfections often seen with laminated fabrics and other woven materials.


Five Loom patterns are available: Lattice, Understitch, Interlace, Abaca and Strand. Individual Loom patterns offer varying degrees of texture, depth, complexity and reflection. Each is available in Horizontal and Vertical orientations.


ViviTela Loom patterns are standard in Black and White—a simple, statement-making palette that can be used to create atmosphere, set the tone, or influence the mood of a space, whether the glass is used as an accent or in a feature wall. Two glass finishes—Pearlex+ and Standard—round out the visual possibilities.


As laminated glass, ViviTela Loom transports the delicate look of handwoven textiles into a format that’s easy to clean, disinfect and maintain—a welcome benefit in today’s increasingly sanitation-conscious world.


And, because ViviTela Loom patterns are captured in glass, they’re a beautiful fit for applications and settings not typically considered for fabrics or where actual fabrics and textiles aren’t appropriate—but laminated glass is.


ViviTela Loom glass in the Reflect configuration is suitable for interior applications and can be used in many F+S Systems, including our LEVELe Wall Cladding, Column and Elevator Interiors, LEVELr Wall Cladding and Columns, and LEVELc Columns and Elevator Interiors. It can also be specified as loose lites for custom applications in sizes up to 60” x 120” (1524mm x 3048mm).


To weave your own Loom story, visit the ViviTela Loom product page.