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ViviGraphix Gleam Glass: Graphics + Light + Reflection

As captivating as it is unique, ViviGraphix Gleam glass is defined by dynamic graphic patterns that incorporate light and reflectivity as integral design components. The line is the newest addition to the F+S VividGlass family.

Gleam patterns consist of single or multiple graphic elements: a graphic in the reflective mirror backer only; or a mirror graphic plus one or more graphic interlayers. The mirror graphic establishes each pattern’s basic personality; the graphic interlayer(s) increase the intrigue and visual complexity.


Each Gleam pattern plays with light in its own distinctive way. The mirror backer captures and reflects light through and around the graphic(s), creating a shifting balance of light, dark, depth, dimension, and movement.


Eight patterns are standard: Alpine I and Alpine II; Breeze I and Breeze II; String of Pearls I and String of Pearls II; and Tempo I and Tempo II. Ranging from crisp geometrics to organic textures, the variations on the primary patterns (Alpine, Breeze, String of Pearls and Tempo) represent the difference between the graphic builds: mirror graphic only; or mirror graphic plus graphic interlayer(s). Custom patterns are also an option.


All Gleam patterns invite easy color customization. Offering a full spectrum of possibilities, patterns can incorporate any Pantone, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color.


ViviGraphix Gleam offers a whole new visual vocabulary for making high-impact design statements that attract attention and create interactive, memorable moments. Gleam can influence the mood or atmosphere of a space, add light or a sense of movement and dimension, and/or tell a personalized color story.


Whether used as an accent or in a feature wall, the dynamic nature of the patterns encourages personal interaction: patterns shift as light and viewing angles change, wisps of mirror reflect and refract, and viewers of the glass (and passersby) become an abstract part of the scene. Viewed up close or from a distance, with Gleam there’s always something going on, and something new to discover.


Finally, as laminated glass, ViviGraphix Gleam is a material that’s easy to clean, disinfect and maintain—a welcome benefit in today’s increasingly sanitation-conscious world.


ViviGraphix Gleam glass is available exclusively in our LEVELe Wall Cladding and Column Systems, LEVELe Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane Panels.


To learn more about Gleam’s creative potential, visit the ViviGraphix Gleam product page.


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