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With VEKTR, Artistic Control Is Yours

ViviSpectra VEKTR glass and the VEKTR Digital Canvas give you the ability to transform any image into stunning architectural laminated glass designs of any size or scale. Putting artistic control at your fingertips, the program invites you to take your own digital imagery, however casual or ordinary, and create something extraordinary.

Here’s how it works: Using the VEKTR Digital Canvas (VDC), our intuitive interactive design tool, you can quickly convert raster images of any size from any source into infinitely scalable vector artwork. The artwork is output as interlayers in our VEKTR glass.

Offering more than simply a direct translation of the original source image, VEKTR interpretations can range from intentionally abstract designs to more literal but highly personalized variations.

Two basic glass configurations ensure creative flexibility across a full range of scenarios.

For glass installed against another surface—on walls or in elevator interiors, for example—the Reflect configuration brings a sophisticated sense of light, depth, dimension to otherwise flat, opaque surfaces. With Reflect, the VEKTR image is output across two precisely aligned interlayers. This layering increases the perceived depth of the imagery and enhances the overall VEKTR design.

As light hits the configuration’s reflective glass backer, it illuminates the glass and bounces back through the interlayers, effectively becoming part of the finished visual. The original image is transformed into a multi-layered VEKTR glass composition—a unique work of art—that becomes an endless source of intrigue and discovery as light and viewing angles change.

VEKTR’s View configuration is an equally dynamic solution for glass applications in which light passes through the glass—as with room dividers, backlit displays and doors.

Like Reflect, View’s carefully calibrated ink and interlayer opacities are optimized to enhance the artwork and bring dynamic levels of excitement to the finished VEKTR designs.

For both configurations, precision is key. VEKTR interlayer artwork is crisp and consistent, while precise interlayer alignment and lamination ensure uncompromised image quality across individual glass lites. From one lite to the next, interlayer designs remain true, regardless of project size or scale.

VEKTR is a revolutionary program that gives you a way to move beyond generic, single-layer, flat-color solutions, maximize your budget, and create highly original architectural glass designs and impactful statement spaces.

Whether your goal is an abstract interpretation or a more literal view, VEKTR gives you unprecedented creative control, and exciting new ways to use your own digital imagery to create one-of-a-kind compositions using the VEKTR Digital Canvas.

See where VEKTR can take you. To get started, bring your own digital image into the VEKTR Digital Canvas. You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to create extraordinary glass designs, manage your projects and request budget pricing—all without leaving the app or relying on separate programs like Photoshop. 

To learn more about the glass itself, explore the ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass product page.

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