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A New View for ViviTela Mesh Glass

ViviTela Mesh is now offered in View—a double-sided configuration that allows light to pass through and significantly expands the design possibilities of the line. 

ViviTela Mesh brings the rich look of woven metal to laminated glass. Precise patterns defined by tight, intricate weaves at a micro scale coordinate with F+S metals and offer a wide range of aesthetic and performance options. 


Five patterns are available. All originally launched in the Reflect configuration, which consists of an interlayer between a transparent lite of glass and a reflective glass backer. Reflect is typically used in applications where the glass is installed against another surface and seen from one side (on a wall or in an elevator interior, for example).


Now, four of the patterns—Overlay, Oxford, Pointed Twill and Twill—are also available in the View configuration.


View is a double-sided configuration comprised of an interlayer laminated between two transparent lites of glass.


View is ideal for use in doors, railings, partitions, room dividers, and other applications where semi-privacy and/or the light transmission benefits of glass are desired.


With the View configuration, patterns are visually the same from both sides—an aspect that lends a level of sophistication and refinement to the product, and in turn, the installed end results.


Each ViviTela Mesh pattern has its own way of catching light and impacting the experience of a space.


All five patterns can be specified in six colors—Stainless Steel, Bronze, Graphite, Nickel Bronze, Nickel Silver and White Gold—that coordinate with our stainless steel and Fused Metal colors. The ability to match ViviTela Mesh patterns to other F+S metals makes it easy to bring a cohesive look to a project. It also expands the possibilities for aligning with existing materials on a property.


Consistent with the ViviTela glass line, ViviTela Mesh offers superior end results. Sophisticated F+S production processes ensure precise, consistent patterns across individual glass lites and from one lite to the next, without the imperfections often seen with laminated fabrics and other woven materials.


As laminated glass, ViviTela Mesh brings the beauty of woven metal into a format that’s easy to clean, disinfect and maintain—a benefit in today’s sanitation-conscious world. And, because Mesh patterns are captured in glass, they’re a beautiful fit for applications and settings not typically considered or appropriate for woven materials—but laminated glass is.


To see how ViviTela Mesh can transform your view, head to the ViviTela Mesh product page.