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New Features in Elevator Design Studio

Full of new enhancements, our Elevator Design Studio makes it easier than ever to bring your elevator interior designs to life.
Design, Visualize, Specify
Building on the versatility of our comprehensive Elevator Interiors program, the Elevator Design Studio (EDS) takes care of the mechanical details so you can spend time being creative.
The intuitive, step-by-step format of the EDS lets you choose an elevator interior configuration, apply materials and finishes from our extensive Surfaces library, view your progress in realistic renderings, and request budget pricing–all with a few simple clicks.
Once you’ve registered for an account, you can start building and managing your projects. Within a project you can create multiple elevator interiors, note job-related details, explore design ideas, add Surfaces to your ‘Favorites’ portfolio, and save your work for future reference and use.
What’s New?
Among the improvements, you’ll find individual panel selection, a ‘CUSTOM’ material option that serves as a placeholder when you want to use a third-party material instead of a standard F+S Surface, and a refreshed version of the downloadable PDF providing you with a detailed overview of your custom elevator design. 
Try It Today!
Like all of our interactive Design Tools, the Elevator Design Studio helps you bridge the gap between creative vision and installed reality.