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Introducing ViviStone: The Beauty of Stone. The Convenience of Glass.

It’s possible that no material on earth has quite the visual impact, beauty, or distinctiveness of stone. Stone offers depth, richness and solidity; a deep connection to our environment and ancestry.

Yet working with stone has its challenges. You may have to search quarries around the world for the stone you want and have it shipped overseas, a lengthy process that can wreak havoc with project deadlines. The weight and structural integrity of stone also make it difficult to work with, and visual inconsistencies greatly limit your design flexibility.

But what if you could have the beauty of stone with the convenience of glass?  ViviStone is glass that is nearly indistinguishable from real stone, offering endless design possibilities.

VividGlass, a Forms+Surfaces company, is pleased to introduce this revolutionary product which uses an incredibly sharp graphic interlayer between lites of glass. Available in Honey Onyx, Abalone Onyx, Sierra Onyx and Cream Onyx, ViviStone allows you to easily incorporate the rich look of stone into a wide range of projects.

ViviStone is available in a variety of configuration and translucency options to cater to a breadth of applications, including backlit applications and displays, partitions and railing infill, or walls and elevator interiors. It comes in standard glass, or in our exclusive Pearlex™ finish, a unique, non-reflective surface that works beautifully with underlying graphics, providing optimal clarity with no glare. Pearlex has a high degree of durability and goes through a proprietary hardening process that makes it extremely scratch and fingerprint resistant.

ViviStone can be used indoors or out and requires minimal maintenance. Since the decorative stone treatment is inside the glass, rather than surface-applied, it is fully protected from dirt, damage and harmful UV rays.

ViviStone products are manufactured to specification and provided cut-to-size and ready-to-install. Visit our VividGlass section to read more about ViviStone, and contact us today to find out how we can free you from the physical constraints of stone.

Virtual Quarry: Coming Soon!

As further support for our new ViviStone line, we will soon launch an innovative online application called the Virtual Quarry. The Virtual Quarry will allow you to select ViviStone slabs and size and configure them on a design board to build out your projects virtually. You’ll then be able to save, download, print or share your projects, and, more importantly, request a quote.

Be sure to sign up at and be notified first when our exciting new Virtual Quarry application is launched.

Partition Wall with ViviStone Honey Onyx
Partition Wall with ViviStone Honey Onyx
Partition Wall with ViviStone Honey Onyx
Partition Wall with ViviStone Honey Onyx
ViviStone Honey Onyx, Reflect Configuration, Pearlex Finish
ViviStone Honey Onyx, Reflect Configuration, No Finish