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Discover Forms360: A Powerhouse Custom Manufacturing Company

Forms360 is an exciting new company created to focus exclusively on custom manufacturing. They bring decades of experience in the public space arena to the collaborative challenge of transforming great design ideas into installed reality. 

Forms360 draws on the long history of two world-renowned manufacturers: Forms+Surfaces, a resource known for innovative architectural and outdoor products used in public spaces worldwide; and Cornelius, a leader in the arena of custom signage, lighting, and large-scale, one-of-a-kind architectural elements. (Image credit for photo above: CallisonRTKL)

Forms360 strategically narrows the focus to custom solutions that leverage the collective expertise, manufacturing technologies, and global supply chain networks that F+S and Cornelius have developed over the past fifty years. 

In turning the spotlight on custom, Forms360 gives architects and designers 360° creative freedom. 

Forms360 can circle a project with solutions that go indoors or out, are large-scale or small, simple or complex. Projects can also circle the globe: their international reach extends 360°.

Forms360 can give shape to the most extraordinary design ideas using stainless steel, aluminum, architectural glass, sustainable woods, or Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)—materials and finishes are the company’s passion and expertise.

Finally, innovations can span product applications: look to Forms360 for lighting, seating, transit shelters, railing, façade elements, monumental structures, and more.

From concept to completion, Forms360’s extensive in-house capabilities take you from design engineering, to materials and sourcing, to project management and technical support, to state-of the-art manufacturing.

In addition, their 50+ years of experience have equipped them with a 360° understanding of the challenges their customers face on a regular basis: building code requirements, security concerns, environmental standards, budgets, timelines, etc. As a result, they’re able to work with clients and suppliers to develop real-world design solutions.

Whether you come to Forms360 with a fully realized idea or a concept sketch, their team of engineers, industrial designers, sourcing specialists, and manufacturing experts is standing by.

Intrigued? To begin your creative journey with Forms360, visit their website

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