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BermanGlass Levels Kiln Cast Glass: Taking Architectural Glass to Exciting New Levels

BermanGlass Levels Kiln Cast Glass pushes the boundaries of glass design by uniting the best of two worlds: cast and laminated glass. This innovative new collection draws on Forms+Surfaces’ expertise in two arenas – the glass casting capabilities of BermanGlass and the glass lamination technologies of VividGlass – to create a dynamic line of glass with unrivaled visual potential.

Levels Kiln Cast Glass: By Definition

Levels glass is kiln cast glass laminated with color, graphic or image interlayers. Each design pairs an artisanal texture, cast on a handcrafted mold and fired in a kiln, with an interlayer optimized specifically for that texture. The sculpted surfaces capture light on and through the glass; interlayers add a sense of depth and dimension and accentuate ever-shifting plays of light, texture, color, and motion.

Design Specifics

Textures shape the surface appearance of Levels glass. Imparting an artistic, handcrafted feel, each has distinctive visual characteristics, tactile qualities, and ways of reflecting or refracting light. The glass itself is inherently clear.

Interlayers add color and enrich the optical experience of each Levels design. Three types of interlayers produce varied visual effects: Color interlayers feature solid color and offer the most subtle end results. Graphic interlayers expand the design complexity by introducing graphics in a single color. Image interlayers incorporate multiple continuous tone colors and have the most dramatic impact.

Viewed up close or at a distance, in static or mobile situations, and as light and viewing angles change, Levels designs are as captivating as they are dynamic.

Raising the Bar

Offering bold opportunities for design expression, Levels Kiln Cast Glass raises the bar for what you can achieve with architectural glass. It also raises the bar for effortlessly incorporating textured glass into – and across – a project.


F+S Systems Integration: Creative Synergy

BermanGlass Levels Kiln Cast Glass is available exclusively in Forms+Surfaces’ LEVELe Wall Cladding and Column Systems, LEVELe Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane Panels. Each system is designed to address the mechanical details – like trim pieces, attachment systems and mounting assemblies – so designers don’t have to worry about resolving these aspects; they can simply focus on the creative process and bringing their Levels vision to life.

Together, Forms+Surfaces’ Systems and BermanGlass Levels Kiln Cast Glass give architects and designers creative new ways to bring the handcrafted beauty of textured cast glass into spaces of all kinds – including elevator interiors – and makes it easy for them to move cohesively across a project, from design concept to installed reality.

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