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Environmental Health & Safety

At Forms+Surfaces, employee safety and well-being is our top priority. We utilize a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program compliant with federal and state OSHA standards which help to steer our Environmental Health and Safety Policies. This program includes:

  • Establishing operational responsibility and accountability at all sites for EHS performance.
  • Fostering employee participation at all levels in EHS training and education.
  • Manufacturing-based employees participate in approximately 3,000 total hours of environmental health and safety training annually.
  • Active development and review of corporate EHS metrics.
  • Detailed analysis of EHS programs and audit findings.
  • Comprehensive new hire orientation and training program.

We monitor and track ever-changing environmental and safety regulations across all of our facilities, hold program audits and inspections to identify opportunities for improvement, and initiate best practices both proactively and responsively. Safety committees composed of both staff and line employees meet monthly to ensure engagement at all levels of our organizational structure.

We provide internal communications to all employees to disseminate health and wellness information, as well as safety news, events and education. 

Forms+Surfaces has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and works to protect and support the communities where we live and work. For environmental health and safety, as well as all aspects of our business, our goal is to be exceptional.